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Heaneys Performers in Print - Queensland first certified Sustainable Green Lithographic and Digital Printer
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First company in Australia to achieve Sustainable Green Print Certification.
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HPIP are committed to environmental sustainability.
SGP is the Australian Printing Industry's own recognisable certification program, designed to help printing companies meet their environmental responsibilities and go above and beyond compliance. Based on an ISO 14001 framework, SGP is tailored to meet your business requirements, the demands of your customers and the changing trends in dealing with managing environmental responsibility.

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  Using the SGP Logo
  Size To prevent potential illegibility and/or loss of fidelity to the SGP certification label, both portrait, and landscape variations are recommended not to be printed any smaller than the specified minimum size. Portrait 12mm wide & Landscape 15mm wide.
  Clear Space A minimum clear-space area of 3.5mm around the label, must be maintained.
  Use The SGP logo must only be placed on artwork by certified companies, therefore any artwork designed outside Heaneys, should have the appropriate space left free for the SGP logo. Heaneys will then insert the appropriate left and send back for approval.
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