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  A broad range of products, faster turn around
stringent quality control, sustainable green print
- HPIP has it all.
Do you know we offer
Variable Data Printing
Variable information, is a digital print run where each printed page is different and personalised because the page content relates to the customer information in the database. Mainly used for marketing purposes, to personalise a document to identify the customer needs.
  Impact Mail
Help your communication stand out in the mailbox. Your creativity need not be limited to a traditional rectangular shape - if you’re mailing more than 300 addressed articles we can deliver virtually any shape, also you’re not restricted to using conventional stocks.
Barcoding your mail allows us to efficiently process it resulting in cheaper postage rates for you. If you are using our PreSort, Charity Mail or Acquisition Mail delivery services, barcoding is a requirement.
  A wide range of applications
- Stationery & Corporate Identity
- Brochures, Flyers & Pamphlets
- Booklets & Training Manuals
- Sales Letters & Presentations
- Tenders
- Calendars & Posters
- Maps & Menus
- Direct Mail Campaigns
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